Monday, December 6, 2010

Preschool Corner / Raising Rock Stars – Letter Y

preschool corner

Kahlen is 3 years, 11 months

Here we go with another one. Again, did this back in November, posting about it in March, backdating it to December. Yikes! Hopefully, I’ll get back on track someday…

My friend and co-planner did the work of planning and preparing for this one, so I don’t have a plan sheet to share with you.

RRSP HighlightsJohn 15:14 - “You are my friends if you do whatever I command you”

The verse went pretty well again. She surprises me as to how fast she can remember the verse if she chooses to.

I think we probably did more activities than these, but these are the ones I have pictures for.

 2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (1)Coloring our verse. She was feeling a bit lazy this day, apparently, since the whole thing is a bit scribbled on.

 2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (6) Our cut and taped long verse

2010-11-09 Y Day 2 (1)Getting ready for Y

 2010-11-11 Y Day 3 (2)Cutting our vocabulary words 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (1)Tracing Ys

 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (2)Gluing our bible craft 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (3)The completed craft (“Mommy, I do *not* want to be in the picture!)

Letter of the week highlights

Our theme for the week was Yarn. We had some fun activities that I added rather last minute that went well with the theme.

2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (3)Using honey nut cheerios as manipulatives for these number cards. Of course, she had to eat them when she was done

 2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (7)Do-a-Dot Y page

 2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (9) 2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (11)A last minute project: sewing with a Styrofoam bowl, yarn, and a large needle. She got tired of it, hence the yarn across the middle, but it worked for a little while.  2010-11-09 Y Day 2 (8)Yarn Puzzle

 2010-11-09 Y Day 2 (9)Yarn Color by number

 2010-11-09 Y Day 2 (12)Yarn graphing using do-a-dot markers

 2010-11-11 Y Day 3 (1)Yarn color puzzles

  2010-11-11 Y Day 3 (7)Y Poke Page

 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (5)Yarn Patterning

Kumon Workbooks

 2010-11-11 Y Day 3 (4) 2010-11-11 Y Day 3 (6) She drew a hot dog this week, then informed me that kitty was going to eat it all, yummy!2010-11-08 Y Day 1 (12)She did a fantastic job on this cutting project. It was lots of zig-zagging, but she only needed one small piece of tape on it; it was otherwise perfect!

image Remember I mentioned last minute projects? Right. Well. We made a Charlie Needs A Cloak lapbook. First we watched the book read on YouTube, then we worked on several activities and got a small lap book all put together. It was pretty fun, and she learned new words too like Ewe (“no, sweetie, not Eeew, Ewe”).

2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (6) 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (7) 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (8) 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (9) 2010-11-12 Y Day 4 (11)

Makes me want to actually plan some lap books :)

We also participated in Muffin Tin Monday this week. I made a Y is for Yarn lunch :)

What have you been doing for your preschooler? Come link up at Homeschool Creations! Interested in learning more about my curriculum choices? Check out this post about my plan for the year.


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