Friday, December 24, 2010

Countdown to Christmas – Day 24

Well, we made it! We only skipped one day of our Advent Activities, amazing! Today, among other things, we made a birthday cake for Jesus. Now, since we just had Kahlen’s birthday, and still have leftover cupcakes, I wanted to make some other kind of cake. So this one doesn’t really *look* like a birthday cake, but that’s okay with us :) We went with a vanilla pound cake, and my, it looks delicious. 2010-12-24 Jesus Birthday Cake (2)So tasty, in fact, that we might just eat it for breakfast. Hey, not any worse than eating donuts or sticky rolls, right? 

Kahlen has enjoyed this Advent season, I think. More than if we had not done our activities anyway. Next year, I’ll be excited to be able to include both of them and maybe plan some of our own activities if I remember to :)

Merry Christmas!!


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