Thursday, December 9, 2010

Countdown to Christmas – Day 9

Our Advent Activity today was to make Christmas Cookies. We didn’t actually complete the task, but it’s been really nice out the last few days so we’ve been going for a walk right after lunch with Kahlen’s new balance bike.

The first batch of cookies I made was a failure, bummer :( They refused to roll. I’ve been having serious trouble this year with sugar cookies. I need to just use the recipe I know works instead of trying new ones.2010-12-09 Cookie Fail

I was glad I had a box of Krusteaz on hand thanks to a super steal of a deal at the grocery store this week. 2010-12-09 Making Cookies (7)

The cookies are all cut out and cooked, we just need to frost them tomorrow.2010-12-09 Making Cookies (4)

Nate wanted to help too :)

2010-12-09 Making Cookies (3)

2010-12-09 Making Cookies (8)


1 comment:

LFenske said...

Nate is so cute!

Whatever could you possibly do with bad cookie dough?

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