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Preschool Corner / Raising Rock Star Preschool – Letter V

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Kahlen is 3 years, 10 months

I still really want to get all the letters posted, so I’m going to do my best to remember what we did for this unit (5 months ago already!).

 Vv Plan Sheet

RRSP HighlightsJohn 6:47 - “Verily, verily, I say unto you. He that hath believeth on me hath everlasting life.”

This verse was another one that had KJV wording, because of the letter V. It worked fine as long as we took the time to talk about what it meant. And, again, it was cute to hear her repeating it with “hath” and “believeth” in there :)

We did all the sections from the RRSP letter V this week including:

 2010-11-01 V Day 1 (1) Coloring the verse

 2010-11-01 V Day 1 (6) Cutting, taping, and measuring the verse2010-11-03 V Day 2 (1) Writing our sight word2010-11-03 V Day 2 (8) Getting ready for V

2010-11-03 V Day 2 (10) Cutting out our vocabulary cards, part one (and putting them in a pocket)

2010-11-04 V Day 3 (7)Tracing the letter V with our verse

 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (13)Cutting our vocabulary cards, part 2

 2010-11-05 V Day 4 (1) Tracing the letter V

2010-11-05 V Day 4 (2)Cut and paste craft


Letter of the week highlights

Instead of using the letter of the week from Confessions of a Homeschooler this week, because V is *not* for Valentine in November, we did V is for Vegetable instead. I got most of our activities from here with a few from around the internet like here and here. For the ones that I wanted and couldn’t find, I made them. See links near each picture :)


2010-11-01 V Day 1 (2) 2010-11-01 V Day 1 (3) Vegetable Counting

 2010-11-03 V Day 2 (3)Vegetable matching

 2010-11-03 V Day 2 (12) 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (1) 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (3)Vegetable/Wheelbarrow Craft 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (5)  Circle the veggies2010-11-04 V Day 3 (9) 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (11)Vegetable Bottlecaps (and yes, that is a bottle on her desk. She stole it from her brother, silly girl)

2010-11-04 V Day 3 (12)What begins with V? 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (15)Vegetable patterns

 2010-11-05 V Day 4 (4) Vegetable Puzzle

We also had a vegetable lacing card, but I don’t have a picture.

Kumon Workbooks

Still working through our drawing and cutting Kumon books. Most of the time, she really enjoys them. This one was frustrating to her because the purple marker didn’t want to write on this particular sheet protector.

2010-11-03 V Day 2 (6) 2010-11-03 V Day 2 (7) 2010-11-04 V Day 3 (14) Bad picture, sorry about that. Often I have to take the picture quick before she decides that I can’t take anymore of her and runs away!


2010-11-05 V Day 4 (6) Watching the V show on

We also participated in Muffin Tin Monday this week. The theme was Trees, Leaves, and Seeds.

What have you been doing for your preschooler? Come link up at Homeschool Creations! Interested in learning more about my curriculum choices? Check out this post about my plan for the year.


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