Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Countdown to Christmas – Day 7

Our Advent Ornaments activity today was to have a hot chocolate night. It was not as successful as some of the other activities, but that’s okay. We can’t have 24 spectacular activities back to back :)

Kahlen enjoyed this one, though, for sure. I missed my opportunity to get a picture because she sucked it down so fast. This picture is her fishing out her mini marshmallows from the bottom of her glass

2010-12-07 Hot Chocolate

I did get Nate to make the ornaments from yesterday, he thought it was a.we.some. that mom was painting his hand and letting him play. I admit I did try to get a picture, but when your 17-month-old has a handful of paint that you’re trying to do something purposeful with, taking a picture too just doesn’t work very well.

2010-12-07 Nate Painting (1)


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