Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Countdown to Christmas – Day 14

Today for our Advent Activity, we decorated the living room! Okay, that’s not what it said on our ornament, but that’s what we had time for. We were going to have a family game night, but other things needed to be taken care of, like our poor naked Christmas tree.

I got Tim to take Nate to the store, since he needed to go anyway and having an 18-month-old around is not helpful when decorating with glass ornaments. 2010-12-14 Decorating (2)

Kahlen and I had a lovely time. I even showed her how to use the camera (not the nice one)

2010-12-14 Decorating (4) 2010-12-14 Kahlen taking pictures (5)

Stole Borrowed an idea from a friend. Got the plastic balls at Target in the dollar section, swell.2010-12-14 Decorating (6)

2010-12-14 Kahlen taking pictures (2) (Kahlen took this one too)

I must go de-crumb the living room now, we’re still battling a mouse issue here :(


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