Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–Moving

Remember when I posted about our Summer Fun Kids Activities? Well, we got about 45 of the 60 done, amazing! Especially considering that we have decided to put our house on the market.

So, now that we’re moving, I needed a new list:

2013-09-25 07.57.47

The master plan is that we are moving in with my in-laws while we sell our current house and find a new house that is perfect for us without being rushed into buying something that we don’t love.

So, pardon my absence, and pray that I survive the moving while schooling and everything else!

Here’s a few pictures of the current chaos that is my house:

2013-09-25 07.56.292013-09-25 07.56.342013-09-25 07.57.00


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Friday, September 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–FLOOD

Truly wordless. I have no words for what is going on around me in my beautiful state of Colorado. Friends stranded. Massive damage to my hometown and the town I now live in. The recovery time for this is going to be long. Ugh.

These pictures were taken by my husband, who went on a bike ride to some of the areas affected downtown. And as a side note, he took them with just his phone.

2013-09-13 Flood (2)

This is the bridge that goes under Lincoln just north of Jefferson St.

2013-09-13 Flood (3)

Looking south at the same location.

2013-09-13 Flood (4)

The bike path at Lee Martinez Park

2013-09-13 Flood (5)

2013-09-13 Flood (6)

There’s more of the bike path buried under there somewhere.

2013-09-13 Flood (7)

Behind North Aztlan Community Center.

2013-09-13 Flood (8)

Also behind the community center.

2013-09-13 Flood (9)

Just happened to be there while there was a train going across.

2013-09-13 Flood (10)2013-09-13 Flood (11)


*sigh* Praying everyone stays safe and we can get this mess cleaned up quickly!


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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–DMNS

For our annual get-together, my childhood friend and I (and our 5 kids combined) met at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science this week. The kids had a great time, and it’s good to see Eileen and her kids.

2013-08-26 DMNS (4)2013-08-26 DMNS (18)2013-08-26 DMNS (25)2013-08-26 DMNS (27)2013-08-26 DMNS (40)2013-08-26 DMNS (42)2013-08-26 DMNS (45)


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not-Back-To-School–Student Photos + a printable for you!

Curriculum Week in the 2013 Not Back to School Blog Hop

I didn’t really want to participate last week, since I don’t have a space for school right now. We mostly do school on the dining room table or on the floor in the living room, and you don’t need a picture of my dining room table/desk/school table.

Anyway, what I did get this week was pictures of my three. Amazingly, I got a great picture of all three of them on the first try!

2013-08-16 School Day Pictures (1)

Look, even Shane is holding his sign and smiling, crazy!! Of course, it went downhill from there, and I didn’t get any more good pictures of him. Got some of the other two though :-)

2013-08-16 Flower Gardens (11)2013-08-16 Flower Gardens (21)2013-08-16 Flower Gardens (41)

And now for the printable mentioned in the title. I couldn’t find the exact words that I wanted on the chalkboard signs that I found around the internet, so I made one. I wanted one for my tiny tot and one for my pre-k’er as well as 2nd grade. So, you get to benefit from that! I made all grades from Tiny Tot up through 12th grade. I did add the school year, so if you want the publisher file instead without the school year, you can email me.

As it turns out, we started school yesterday instead of next week, like I’d planned. The kids have been actually asking me when we would start school and wanting to get started…that enthusiasm did not last long, when they realized that we would actually be *doing* school instead of playing , haha. So far (2 days in!), I am very pleased with my choice of curriculum, here’s hoping that it stays that way!

So, what about you? Do you take back to school pictures? When do your kids start school?


Monday, August 5, 2013

Not-Back-To-School–2013-2014 Curriculum

Curriculum Week in the 2013 Not Back to School Blog Hop

Yikes! It’s August! We’ve been so busy working on our summer bucket list that it’s left me little time for blogging. Okay, that and a few other major projects :-) One of those is planning out this coming school year for my two olders: trying to figure out what school will look like with a 2nd grader, a pre-k 4 y.o., and my cute mischievous baby-pants. 2013-08-02 Shane using computer (3)

I think I’ve finally nailed down what curriculum we’ll be using, at least. I don’t have a weekly/daily schedule figured out yet, and I will, but it’s tricky, ya know?

ANYway, here’s the current plan, subject to change if there are parts that aren’t working.

2nd Grade

  • History: Story of the World Year 2 including activity guide and student pages. We will not be using the tests this time around. Probably when we come back for cycle 2, then I will be very glad to have them :) Our history curriculum from the last two years left me feeling overwhelmed and like I was doing too much work to get everything ready, especially for how much I paid for the whole thing. SotW looks so much more complete and the text is really enjoyable to read/listen to for all of us.  I’ve started a pinterest board for all the great ideas I’m coming across too, so check it out here.


  • Math: Math U See Beta. We’ll be sticking with Math-U-See for the long run unless it is stops working for us. I’ll be interested to see if it works for Nate too, but it works just fine for Kahlen, yay! Here’s a few pins about math too.


  • Spelling/Reading: All About Spelling 3 / All About Reading 3 . We’re only about halfway through AAS /AAR 2, which we started mid-year last year and have been steadily plugging along all summer. I made a nice little spreadsheet for myself that correlates the lessons from AAS 2 and AAR 2 because a lot of the teaching is either exactly or very close to the same. This has saved me time because I’m not repeat teaching everything, yay! If you are currently using AAS 2 & AAR 2, and would like my spreadsheet, please email me as I don’t want to impinge on proprietary information by posting it :) Since AAR 3 isn’t scheduled to come out until late this year, we’re not really in a hurry to finish level 2.


  • Science: Apologia Astronomy with Junior Notebooking Journal. We have really loved going through Human Anatomy and Physiology and are looking forward to another year of study. I think Nate will be joining us more with this one too, because of his interest and his age. No notebook for him, though, that’s just too much! More pinterest love here.


  • Language Arts: First Language Lessons 2 / Writing with Ease 2 Workbook. We are super close to finishing First Language Lessons 1, and we’re just going to roll right into the next book. I’ll be interested to see how WWE goes, I think she’s going to really like it…most days. She wants to be an author/illustrator when she grows up, so I’ll be reminding her of that when we have to do writing exercises :-)


  • The Fun Stuff: Draw Write Now / ARTistic Pursuits / Handwriting without Tears. I like Draw Write Now because I can easily just tell her to do a page, and she does. It’s good practice for all kinds of things: drawing, writing, following step-by-step instructions, completing an assignment independently. She’s worked through almost two of the books already. I have her go through them in a chronological manner, but you really could do the pictures however you want. Also, Carissa over at 1+1+1=1 has started making some great printables to go with these books if you’re thinking of using them for a younger student or a reluctant writer. For Art, we’re working through the ARTistic Pursuits early elementary books. We’re still in book 1, but when we that, then we'll just move on to the second book. As for handwriting, we’re still working through the Handwriting Without Tears books because she requests them, yay! Also another good thing she can do independently. This is also an add-on thing and not something that I’m really stuck on her completing.


  • Enrichment: After thinking about it and praying about it, we’ve decided to enroll Kahlen in the LEAP program through the local school district. She’ll be going to school once a week for a full day. She gets to take cooking, puppeting, Spanish, PE, artistic design, and a book club. She’s very excited! I’ll be glad to have a day with just the boys, but I’ll miss her.



  • Primary Curriculum: My Father’s World Kindergarten – God’s Creation from A to Z. While I am not into over-schooling your young children AND I realize this is a kindergarten curriculum, I still feel like this will be a good match. We’ll be doing this the “lite” way, not doing every single thing. I chose this curriculum because I’ve heard good things about it as far as having it all laid out for me, which is just what I wanted! It incorporates all the areas that I wanted to have him “study” anyway, such as letter formation, letter sounds, sight words, math, fun projects, and character traits/key truths from the Bible as appropriate to this age. I got a used copy of the first edition teacher’s manual, but it isn’t as polished as the current version, so I found some great resources and put them on, you guessed it, pinterest!
  • Handwriting: I am going to start going through Handwriting Without Tears’ My First School Book with him, but we’re going to go at his pace, which I have no idea what that will be yet. I want him to start taking an interest in writing, but not hate it, so we’ll just play it by ear.
  • Fun Stuff: We’ll keep doing busy bags and possibly add in some All By Myself boxes or some sensory bin stuff.
Tiny Tot School

Going to try and mostly do school while Mr. Baby-Pants is napping, but I don’t know how long his morning nap will last. So when needed, I’m hoping that he will be entertained by sensory bins, play dough, and maybe a few other ideas from my tiny tot school board. I’m also trying to be better about reading to him. It’s hard with the third one! I used to read to Kahlen every time I put her down to sleep, but with Shane, I sing him a song because it’s faster, oops.


Whew! That’s what I have so far. I’m hoping it all works out, at least mostly. What are your plans for this year? Come link up with me and read what others are doing here.

See you next week for School Room Week! And stay tuned for this month’s menu plan also.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday–Kahlen’s New Skates

Since Daddy has started speed skating again, Kahlen wants to also. We made a deal with her that if she stopped biting her nails, we’d buy her a pair of inline skates.


2013-07-17 Kahlen's New Skates (1)2013-07-17 Kahlen's New Skates (6)

They went to the skating rink tonight too, which was a good thing because she couldn’t go fast enough in the house :-)


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