Saturday, December 11, 2010

Countdown to Christmas – Day 11

Today our Advent Activity was to volunteer for the Coloradoan Food Drive to benefit the Larimer County Food Bank. At one time in our marriage, we received assistance from them and greatly appreciated it. Now we choose to help them in various means. It was also good to explain the whole thing to Kahlen, who kept calling it a “contest”. She was her squirrelly charming self while we stood out on a windy day to hand out bags and tell people why we were there.
2010-12-11 Food Bank Volunteering
I also read the bag to her which had items that they were especially looking for, like peanut butter, then we went shopping for those things. She picked out 10 things to purchase, then was excited to place them in the barrel.
We left Nate home with his cousin for this one, didn’t think that taking him with us would be at all helpful.
PS I updated yesterday’s post to include a picture of the finished ornament
PPS Does anyone know of  a holiday card exchange that I may have signed up for??

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