Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preschool Corner / Raising Rock Stars - Letter N

preschool corner

Kahlen is 3 years, 11 months

Ever so slowly, I will get caught up! We did this unit right before we redid the floors in our house, finishing up right after.

RRSP Highlights“No one can serve two masters” -  Matthew 6:24

2010-11-15 N Day 1 (1)Coloring her verse using her new Tower of Pipsqueak Markers

 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (2)Completed page, copied from the popsicle prop right down to the shoes.

 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (3)Writing our sight word for the week, “one” 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (4)She wanted me to take another picture because she was very proud of her “e”’s

2010-11-15 N Day 1 (5)Getting ready to cut out her verse, but she needed some motivation in the form of pretzels

 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (7)Her taped-together verse

 2010-11-16 N Day 2 (1)Getting ready for N worksheet

 Letter of the week highlights We focused on N is for Nest this week

 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (9)Prewriting skills

 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (10)Dot painting

 2010-11-15 N Day 1 (11)Using her lacing card as a kite up the stairs

 2010-11-16 N Day 2 (3) 2010-11-16 N Day 2 (4)Bottle cap word practice

 2010-11-16 N Day 2 (5)N is for Nest Puzzle 2010-11-16 N Day 2 (6)

2010-11-27 School (3) Nest Patterning

Kumon Workbooks

2010-11-16 N Day 2 (7) Giving Bobo the clown a haircut (practicing wavy lines)


When we got back from my mom’s after getting the floors all installed, it was just after Thanksgiving. We made several crafts for Thanksgiving, but my favorite was her thankful tree (which I already posted the completed picture here). Here’s a little about the process. It was a multiple day project because of the paint.

2010-11-22 Thankful Tree (1) Making the handprints2010-11-22 Thankful Tree (2)Letting them dry 2010-11-27 School (2)Getting hubby to help with the tree because I’m a terrible freehand artist

2010-11-27 School (1)Gluing the labels onto the “leaves”  2010-11-27 School (4)Gluing the leaves onto the tree 2010-11-27 School (5)The finished product and one proud girl 2010-11-27 School (10)Hanging in the living room (um, it’s still up, is that bad? It’s only been, what, 4.5 months?)

Right, well, again, I’m sure that we did more school, but I don’t know what exactly. One of these days…

What have you been doing for your preschooler? Come link up at Homeschool Creations! Interested in learning more about my curriculum choices? Check out this post about my plan for the year.


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