Monday, December 13, 2010

C0untdown to Christmas – Day 13

Today for our Advent Activity we read a story that my MIL got for us two years ago. It’s a  pretty good story, slightly bent toward my in-law’s particular faith, but nothing I disagree with. 

2010-12-13 Santa (3)

It’s starts with Santa Claus overhearing a conversation that two women are having. They say that it’s his fault that Christ is being pushed out of Christmas. This makes him sad, and questioning his role. He goes to the church he visits every year after he drops off his toys, but sits in the very back row. He’s then visited by God who reminds him of all the good things he has done for Him, briefly outlining the life of St. Nicholas. It ends with Santa kneeling before the nativity scene.

It also came with a figurine, which we bring out every year. This year, it’s up on top of the stereo. 2010-12-13 Santa (2)

I guess at my in-laws’ house back in the day, they had one of these too, and my sister-in-law colored it with a sharpie. Which is why it will stay up high for now ;)

At our house, Santa Claus fills the stockings on Christmas Eve. How do you handle the question of Santa at your house?


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