Current Curriculum Choices - 2015/2016 School Year

Here is what we are currently using for our curriculum. This is the second year that we're using pretty much the same pieces, just the next grade level. We've mostly been very happy with our choices, so nothing seems like it will be majorly changing. Next year could always be completely different though!

*Story of the World 4
*Apologia Zoology I: Flying Creatures and II: Swimming Creatures
*Community Bible Study The Primary students (1st-8th) study the same books of the bible that the mommies do, so it's a fantastic bible study program that also provides a social outlet for all of us once a week.

4th Grade:
*Math U See Delta
*All About Spelling 5 
*IEW Teaching Writing Structure and Style (we will be doing this second semester)
*Classical House of Learning - literature tied to our history curriculum. Looks like the website might be down right now, sad day! It was up in August when we started school...I'll have to look into that more later :-(

1st Grade:
*Math U See Alpha
*All About Reading 2
*All About Spelling 2
*First Language Lessons 1
*Piano lessons thanks to Grandpa and Grammy

*Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week
*1+1+1=1 Raising Rockstars Preschool

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