Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review and Giveaway–Little Leaf Diapers Travel Wetbag

Speak Up Saturday
It’s Speak Up Saturday! Time for a review and a giveaway!!
An acquaintance of mine through church makes and sells these nifty diapers along with burp cloths and wet bags.
Here’s a bit about the company and the diapers:
At Little Leaf Diapers we love children, so we want to help you find ways to save money and time so that you are free to invest more time in your   kids. Our motto is: “Revolutionizing Cloth Diapering”, and that is exactly what we have strives to do. Our cloth diapers are revolutionary not only because they will save time, money, and our environment; but they have some great features that are not out on the market in other stores. Not only will  this diaper adjust to go from infancy to potty training, but it also allows you to reuse the shell over before laundering which means that you will not need to buy as many diapers as other brands recommend. Our cloth diapers also come with adjustable elastic that will allow you to get the best fit around the legs and lower back, plus it can be replaced down the road if it stretches out with repeated use over the life of  several children.
While I have not had the opportunity to try the diapers, I was given a wet bag to review. I would love to get the diapers too, maybe someone can get me some for Roo (hint, hint). ;)
The wet bag I received is excellent, I love it! It features a drawstring closure, a snap pocket on the outside for wipes, and a waterproof lining.
The pocket on the outside will hold either a travel pack of wipes, like the kind you can get at Target, or even one of those small travel cases for wipes. You could also store an extra paci in the pocket (like I have) or just about anything else.
The bag is easy to launder as well, I just wash it with my diapers when it gets too stinky.
Because I don’t really need to carry a whole big diaper bag when I go out these days, I really love the size and features of this wet bag. I stick a clean diaper inside when I go out, and then I just have to carry the wet bag and nothing else, perfect!
To be honest, I really can’t think of anything else that I would improve. The size is great, the features are good for their purpose, and the pocket on the outside is genius!
Wait! Did I say giveaway?
I love my wet bag so much, I thought one of you needed one too!

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Amber said...

I LOVE my Little Leaf Diapers and they are really versatile with other liners as well! I just had a wet bag break and would loooove a new one:) Wink wink!

Laura Lane said...

I have a girlfriend who cloth diapers. This would be a nice gift for her.

Beth said...

Your friend makes pretty things! How fun :0)

Beth said...

I really like the owl print fabric on the burp cloths :0) Great fabric choices!

Katrina said...


HillaryM said...

I love cloth diapering. I use boring pre-folds, but I'd love something cute. Even my "wet bag" is boring--a 2.5 gallon ziplock. These things are really cute!

HillaryM said...

I'm cloth diapering child #6--I know what I like. Little Leaf has the features I like--and one I love (simple designs--snaps!, no velcro). Adjustable/replaceable elastic--I never even knew that was possible. I think I'm in love!

Cherie said...

What a great post! I love finding new diaper companies! We've been cloth diapering for a few years and 5 children, and are hoping to have more. I'd love to add this wet bag to our collection!

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