Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Countdown to Christmas–Day 13


Day 13 of our Advent activities was to watch The Polar Express. Done. No fancy pictures, how do you take a picture of watching a movie? I did get a few other pictures today though…

2011-12-13 Beautiful Frost (1)


“Making” Marshmallow Snowmen…the marshmallows are supposed to go on the paper.2011-12-13 Marshmallow Snowmen (1)2011-12-13 Marshmallow Snowmen (2)


This is Nate “watching” Polar Express…he’s hijacked daddy’s broccoli and Kahlen’s mp3 player.

2011-12-13 Nate and Broccoli


1 comment:

Eileen Rhoadarmer said...

That's a great idea for using up all my old marshmallows! I think I shall copy.

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