Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Countdown to Christmas–Day 6


Day 6 of our Advent activities was to go to the mall and see the decorations. Every year, several times a year, Kahlen asks when the mall will have the decorations up so we can go see the monkey. Most people, even local people, would have no idea what she’s talking about. AND I forgot to take a picture of the monkey himself. BUT here’s the contraption that she’s such a fan of:

2011-12-06 At The Mall (2)

There’s a little monkey that turns a handle, that turns a chain, that magnetically lifts metal balls to the top so they can go all the way down to the bottom, following one of a few different paths. I think she could watch it for hours! We also saw the big Christmas tree that has several trains going around it2011-12-06 At The Mall (1)

and stopped and saw Santa Claus (a first for us)

2011-12-06 At The Mall (6)

Santa comes to our house, but he only fills the stockings. All the presents are from mommy and daddy.

What are your kids’ favorite places to go for Christmas decorations?


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