Friday, December 16, 2011

Countdown to Christmas–Day 14


Day 14 of our Advent activities was to take a ride on the Minivan Express. After watching the Polar Express the day before, I thought they would like this AND I found a great printable. The kids loved it! 2011-12-14 Minivan express (2)

Basically, we got in the van after dinner with some hot chocolate and drove around town for an hour looking at Christmas lights. We started at Woodward, which Kahlen actually remembered from last year (for those non-local people, it’s a corporation that has a long driveway that they deck out every year with lights, little buildings, and music), 2011-12-14 Minivan express (3)then drove around and just enjoyed looking at the lights. They didn’t want to go home, they were both having that much fun (that, and I told them it was time for bed when we got home)


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