Friday, December 9, 2011

Countdown to Christmas–Day 9


Day 9 of our Advent activities was to make a new ornament for our Christmas tree. Again, I pulled from my bag of goodies that I got in the craft swap I did with friends. This time, it was a clothespin angel. We also made handprint reindeer, as long as we were at it :)

They were a bit more fond of this activity. Kahlen wanted to color the whole thing, which was fine by me, because that gave me time to help Nate with his.

2011-12-07 Christmas Crafts (2)2011-12-07 Christmas Crafts (1)2011-12-07 Christmas Crafts (4)2011-12-07 Christmas Crafts (3)

(You can tell Kahlen cut out her own, it’s the one on the right)


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