Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Christmas–Day 16


I thought about combining posts for our Advent activities, but I like being able to look back at each one. So get ready, here comes a bunch! I really want to get all caught up tonight!

Day 16, we went to the library story time, which was different than it usually is because our main library is closed for remodeling. While I’m very excited about the changes they're making (no, seriously! They’re expanding the whole thing, which hasn’t had any updates at least since I was a kid), it makes story time challenging and a little odd. Good thing we usually go to another branch. But it being Friday, that was the only option. ANYWAY, it was held in one of the community rooms at another city owned facility. Nate wanted to sit on my lap on the floor the whole time. Problem is, I don’t really have a lap these days for him to sit on. Eh, it worked out okay and they had a good time. Kahlen likes that she gets to go to the “big girl” story time and doesn’t have to deal with her brother :)


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