Friday, December 9, 2011

Countdown to Christmas–Day 8


Day 8 of our Advent activities was to make Christmas cards for friends. This one didn’t go over as well as I was hoping. They both were not in a crafty kind of mood, I guess. I printed “Merry Christmas” on the front of a piece of colored cardstock and then folded them in half. I gave Kahlen the list of names we had come up with and some supplies like markers, dot painters, stickers, and glitter glue, and just let her do as she wanted. She worked on them yesterday and today and still isn’t quite finished. That’s okay, though, we’ll just keep working on them until they’re done. I’m hoping maybe we can finish tomorrow so she can give them out on Sunday. Oh wait, that’s my own goal for *my* Christmas cards too :)2011-12-08 Making Cards (1)

Nate is just not into all that crafty stuff. Yet. Maybe someday. He’d rather take the dot painters out of their holder, then put them back in and close up the box. He’d also rather the stickers were for him, not for the cards. I think I might give up on the ones I was going to have him do. Ah well, I’m sure his “friends” will understand (they’re all under 2 anyway!)

2011-12-08 Making Cards (3)


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