Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tot School - Babies week 1

Tot School
Kahlen is 41 months old

We are following the Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum for 2's called Joyful Learning. For two weeks, we learned about babies, both animal and human. I was going to post both weeks together, but there were just too many pictures for that.
You can find my planning sheets for this unit here.

I've been busy with other aspects of my life and haven't been spending as much time blogging, so this comes a little later than I would like. 

Day 1:
Our story for the day was The World is Full of Babies by Mick Manning. Cute book about the ways that babies are the same and babies are different. From a Creationist point of view, I was a little worried about it when it showed a page of babies in-utero, but the wording was vague and so it worked for me.

We then played a dice game with mommy and baby cards. She rolled the die to see how many babies each mommy would get, then counted out that many babies:
I learned that she has sight recognition for up to three, hooray!
We then did a baby feely box:
I put these things in a box and had her close her eyes. She then picked out objects one at a time and had to tell me what they were. Again, she did awesome! She even kept her eyes closed almost the whole time.
I introduced her verse for the unit, Daniel 9:9 We also did our baby magnet page.
The last activity for the day was lotion painting. I didn't know how this would go since in the past she's had a "thing" about getting her hands yucky. She dove right in!
So much so that I decided to continue out on the back porch
Of course, we had to wash it all off then, which resulted in a warm bath and the end of school for the day :)

Day 2:

We did our stART project first with the book Now I'm Big by Margaret Miller. We then did a clothespin activity that I came up with about two minutes before school :) I bought these number flash cards for a dollar somewhere because I kept seeing good ideas on other blogs using this type of card. Normally I'd be the type to make my own, but I don't have a laminator (yet) and these were cheap. I pulled out the numbers 1-10 and told her to clip the right number of clothespins on. I happened to have a bag of full size clothespins from back in the day when I had access to a clothesline, although she was disappointed that I didn't have enough for the whole project, oops.
If you look at the finished product, you'll notice that some of them look like they have arms and legs, especially #4. She decided with that one and the ones she did after that one that they were robots and needed arms and legs :)
We also "talked" our verse (she requested that we didn't sing it) and she did her handwriting page.

We started a new sensory bin with birdseed this week. I'm not really a fan of how it's going, actually. She's been spilling it all over, a lot more so than she has in the past :( I'm not sure that we'll continue with the sensory bin after this unit because she's been making such a huge mess and it's been a battle to get her to help clean it all up. I might just have to rethink what I'm using it for.
I'll try to remember to get a picture when she's playing with it next time!

Here's her favorite game from the week:
Wowie, I like my new camera! Couldn't have caught that with my old one :)



Tina said...

love the jumping pictures! Looks like a great week. Thanks for the links to the joyful learning curriculum...I am very new at this and could use something already (for the most part) planned out for me.

Donette said...

looks like lots of fun. Love the activities

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