Friday, May 21, 2010

Fitness Friday

Here we are again, Friday!

There's only 91 days to go until the Warrior Dash!

Here's what I did this week:
Saturday ~  Ran 1 mile on the treadmill. Total mileage: 3.72
Sunday ~ Went to brother-in-law's house all day so hubby could help him put in a sidewalk. Ran 1/2 mile to the newspaper box. Still managed to have a total mileage of 3.39
Monday ~ Took the day easy after a busy weekend. Total mileage for the day: 2.05 miles
Tuesday ~ Went to the gym because there was a thunderstorm so we couldn't go for a hike. Ran just under a mile after having bad calf cramps. Total mileage for the day: 3ish miles (pedometer doesn't like running)
Wednesday ~ Went to group power class at gym (group led weight lifting with techno music :) ) Then went for a walk in the rain with mom and kiddos. Total mileage for the day: 4.15 miles
Thursday ~ Went for a walk with a friend in afternoon. Total mileage for the day: 3.59
Friday ~ Went to group power class again. I had to use lighter weights because I was still sore from Wednesday :) Total mileage for the day: 1.90 miles.

Doing much better, still need to be running more. Also, my pants are fitting better but I haven't really lost any weight, maybe I'm actually gaining muscle, eh? :)


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