Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Preschool Planning - Babies

We finished up our unit on birds, took a week off, then started on a unit on Babies per the Hubbard's Cupboard 2's curriculum. Since I have to reformat it to work for me, I thought maybe you'd be interested in them too. Feel free to use whatever parts of this works for you!!

Overview for the two week unit:
Baby Unit Planning Sheet

Detailed activity list:
Babies Detailed Activity List

A couple printables I created (for activities #5, #8, & #10):Printables

B is for Baby Worksheets:
B is for Baby

Here are links to the other pages I'm using:
Daniel 9:9 memory verse
Babies & Parents (Used these for #3 & #7)
Customized Handwriting Pages

I'll be doing our TotSchool post about our first week soon too!


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