Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tot School - Easter Week 2

Tot School
Kahlen is 39 months old

We are following the Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum for 2's called Joyful Learning. For four weeks, we will be learning about eggs and Easter. Check out this post that includes the planning sheets for the first two weeks.

This week was a little crazy here in Colorado. Monday was sunny and 70 degrees. Tuesday we had a blizzard. Kahlen and daddy enjoying playing in both.

We didn't really do any stART projects this week because we just read the stories straight out of the bible and didn't have a book to go with it.

For our first day, we did:
We started by reading the triumphal entry in the Illustrated Children's bible. This is not Kahlen's normal bible, and she let me know about it several times! We made it through, though. We then did this simple sticker sorting activity:
I got a huge bag of foamie stickers from Oriental Trading Company and gave her a handful of them to sort into these little buckets that I also got at Oriental Trading Company. Of course, you can't sort stickers and not use some of them :)
"There's Mommy and Kahlen and Daddy and Nate"

Then we did the first two eggs in our Resurrection Eggs set that I made using this.
Next we made a Palm Branch
 I was expecting her to want to play with it after it was dry, but she forgot about it for now.

Then we did a donkey activity
Ripping when she got tired of cutting ;)

Last she did her dot painting and magnets P is for Palm. I really need to make her some more magnets, she ends up being short a few every time and gets frustrated :(

Shortly after this is when she went outside to play with daddy in the snow, crazy Colorado spring!

Our second day went something like this:

I switched back to her regular kid's bible for today, which she liked much better.
We then did the next three Resurrection Eggs.

Then we started our lamb craft. First I put black paint on a plate and Kahlen dipped her hand in it. She then put it on the paper. We had to wait for it to dry, so we moved on for awhile.

She then chose to do her handwriting practice page, which I got from First School.
Then we used these patterning egg sheets, which I really can't remember where I got, sorry!
They were difficult for her, but we figured it out by the end.

Next she played Easter Memory 

Then we came back to the lamb craft and glued on the wool (cotton balls)
I don't have a picture of the finished product because we had to wait until the afternoon to glue on the googly eyes because the black paint took a really long time to get all the way dry.

That was Kahlen's school for the week.
Soon, Nate will be joining us for Tiny Tot School, he's really started manipulated toys more and scooting/rolling to get to things, so cute!



Lisa said...

What a great week!!

Michelle said...

What a great week I love the palm branch! Nate is so cute, I love that Juliette is able to join in Tiny Tot School now too :0)

Dawn said...

What a lot of fun activities! We keep seeing good things about Hubbard's Cupboard. I may need to look into that!

We, too, look forward to adding Tiny Tot School in a few months.

Susan said...

Great week! You did such wonderful things for Palm Sunday. I am evernoting them for next year!

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