Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - March 15th

Hmm, don't seem to be doing so good sticking to my menu. Oh well, better to have a plan and deviate a few days then not have any idea what I'm making for dinner. 

We did make it to the Melting Pot on Monday, which was extremely tasty, delicious, and oh-so-fattening :) That's really fine though, because how often am I really going to eat like that?

I ended up making this Sunday Meat Sauce with Pasta from my Food Network magazine that I had all the ingredients for. I understand now why it's called Sunday Meat sauce. Took a long time!! I didn't feel like it was worth the effort for the results, but it was still tasty. I also didn't realize that the recipe would make an entire crockpot full! Now I have two frozen jars of it PLUS I was able to bless a friend of mine with dinner unexpectedly because I had too many leftovers in my fridge.

Another note on a recipe I posted last week. The Baked Pasta Casserole recipe makes a lot!! I was able to make three 9x13 pans and one 8x8. Good thing though, since I gave one away, ate one, and am bringing the third big pan to a potluck this week. Also, it freezes really well, so the small pan is now in my freezer for another day.

On to our menu for this week:
Monday ~ Out to Red Robin's for hubby's birthday

Tuesday ~ Green Chili Burritos (Can of Stoke's green chili, can of pinto beans, taco meat, cheese, tortillas)
Yea, didn't get to these last week and I still have all the ingredients :)

Wednesday ~ Discipleship Team Potluck - Baked Pasta Casserole

Thursday ~ Rice'a'Roni with Chicken & Sauteed Broccoli (didn't make this last week since we ended up having dinner with the in-law's for hubby's birthday on Saturday instead)

Friday ~ Vegi Stew with Turkey Ham. This makes for a nice, simple, healthy meal. We end up having it about three times a month or so.

Saturday ~  Leftovers

Sunday ~ Triple-Cheese Spirals  - This was in my latest issue of Food Network Magazine, looks yummy! (minus the mustard, yuck)

So, what are you having for dinner this week?
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