Thursday, March 4, 2010

stART - The Little Red Hen

Each Thursday A Mommy's Adventures does a great blog carnival. Read a story to your child; then accompany it by art.

This week, our first book was The Little Red Hen by Heather Forest 
Cute pictures to accompany this traditional story. We liked the baby corgi especially :)
We got to do our stART project with a friend this week; one of the mommies that I swap kits with for preschool came over so our kids could play and we decided to do our preschool activities too. This is one of two we did (I'll post the other one later when I post about tot school for the week).

So, after we read our story, we made baker's hats.
Each kid had three circles and a square of white construction paper. They glued the circles on in a line at the top of the square. 
Then we took two long strips, stapled them together, and measured their heads. Then we stapled that together and stapled the square onto the front.
My friend also had the story on a scholastic video, so after we cleaned up, the kiddos watched this.
It was good because the little siblings joined in too, one at a time :)
Good thing they didn't think about last week's game of Five Little Monkeys (okay, there's only four at the time, but that's because the littlest one was sleeping)



An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I really like those hats - we're just about to read a sequel book, Cook-a-Doodle-Do (the Little Red Hen's grandson) - I might borrow the hat idea to use with it.

Wonder Mom said...

That is such a simple,cute way to make a chef's hat- much easier that the ones I've made in the past! Bravo!

sbswtp said...

the hats are too cute :) Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love those bakers hats! When I saw that on the lesson plan I wondered how I would make one.

Brimful Curiosities said...

A creative way to make a chef hat! It's been awhile since I read the Little Red Hen. Do your bakers help you in the kitchen or would they rather just enjoy the end results?

artsy_momma said...

I love the hats- too darn cute!

jennwa said...

Love those hats.

That would be great in my preschool class.

Sheryl said...

These will be perfect for our Cooking Camp this summer. Thank you!

Raising a Happy Child said...

I love the idea of those cooking hats - they turned out so nicely. I am tempted to read The Little Red Hen and Passover Matzah in the end of March - that's quite a twist of the original story.

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