Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tot School - Easter Week 1

Tot School
Kahlen is 39 months old

We are following the Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum for 2's called Joyful Learning. For the next four weeks, we will be learning about eggs and Easter. Check out this post that includes the planning sheets for the first two weeks.

This was our first day for this week:
We first did our stART project about Humpty Dumpty. Fun book with a little twist on the classic poem.
I didn't get any pictures, but we also did a re-enactment of Humpty Dumpty using a shoe box, a plastic egg, and a band-aid. The egg that we used has since been joining her for walks, naps, and meals. Humpty likes her, I guess :)

We then did Eggs-tra ordinary sounds from our curriculum. I put various noisy objects inside eggs and she had to match them based on sound alone.
I made sure that the colors did *not* match so that she wouldn't be able to use that as a clue. She did extraordinarily well with this game. I thought for sure she would struggle or get frustrated, but she didn't!
"These match, Momma!"

We did our pompom magnets then with this sheet from Making Learning Fun
I wanted her to do her dot painter too, but ever since I asked her to do just one paint daub in each dot, she hasn't wanted to do it. I'm going to explain to her this week that she can do it however she wants and hopefully that will help :)

We then made orange play dough which she wanted to play tea party/birthday party like we did last week. 
Humpty Dumpty enjoyed playing too :)

After school, it was such a beautiful day that we took a walk to a park near our house and played for awhile (after Muffin Tin Tuesday lunch, of course)

Here's our second day activities:

We started by reading The First Easter by Carol Heyer. I'm always surprised at her attention span when I'm reading her a story. This one has quite a few words per page, but she didn't seem to mind and paid attention the whole time.

We then did a tissue paper cross. I made a cross out of a large piece of paper and gave her tissue paper to cut into small pieces. I'm trying to get her to practice cutting more, but she gets bored easily with that. 
I took over the cutting while she glued them on. After it was all covered, we used homemade liquid starch to paint the entire thing. I think it would have worked much better had I used actual liquid starch, but oh well, it was a good process ;-)

After that, we sang our new verse song, John 3:16. I admit, I had a little trouble getting this song to flow, so I had to sing it several times first. We got it eventually, and I'm looking forward to her memorizing the whole thing over the next few weeks.

She did an H handwriting page next from First School.

Last, we did an Easter egg counting game from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman. Kahlen is not too sure on her numeral recognition, so I was hoping this would help. Unfortunately, she did it mostly by color, which is why the original post has all the same color eggs, I'm sure :/ Also, I didn't have any stickers that were small enough on hand, so I just used a sharpie.

That was about it for us for last week. You can check here for a couple of my favorite pictures from the week.



Anonymous said...

We just did the sound eggs today. It was fun.

Rebecca said...

Love the tissue paper cross!

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