Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mommy Monday - Nate is 9 months old!

My, how time flies! Nate had his 9 month appointment doctor's appointment today, he's still growing, but not as fast as before. He weighs 19 pounds, 1 ounce and is 28.5" long. He's in the 50th percentile now instead of 90th or 75th like he has been.

Nathanael wants to be where ever his sister is. On Sunday, she was taking a bath and he got really excited, flapping his arms and squealing to let us know he wanted to join her :) Silly boy *still* has not cut any more teeth! I can still see six in there waiting to pop through with no luck :( He's still eating a ton of food; 1/2 jars of fruit and 1/4 cup cereal for breakfast, 1 cup veggies for lunch, and 3/4 cup fruit with protein for dinner. Plus he eats about 1/2 cup cheerios or veggie puffs throughout the day, usually as dessert after his meals so I can finish eating my food.

Here's a couple pictures from the last week:
This is what he thought of sand on his toes for the first time. I was fine with that because that meant he wasn't trying to eat it.

Nate and daddy in the back yard

Siblings playing together

Nate was hungry in this picture, so he was *NOT* happy about his sister kissing him.

Just for y'all not in Colorado: yesterday we were wearing shorts and playing in the 70 degree weather. Today there's a near blizzard. Ah, spring in Colorado!



Anonymous said...

My you did get a lot of snow!

The Lady of the House said...

His shirt is sooo cute! Did you make it?

Sela said...

Yes, I did make his shirt. I couldn't find what I wanted, so what better way than to just make it? :)

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