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Preschool / Raising Rock Stars – Ii is for Inchworm

preschool corner
Kahlen is 3 years, 9 months
Still working on getting caught up with blogging about school.
For our fourth week, we studied the letter I and Inchworms. (What is an inchworm anyway?? Ah, well, not really that important)
Raising Rock Stars Preschool Highlights
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13
Kahlen already knew this verse because it was one of the songs we sang in her Sunday School class for the last eight months (from Steve Green’s Hide em’ in your heart). As soon as I told her the verse one time, she broke into song and it went that way every time. The only thing I don’t like about the Steve Green songs is that they don’t include the reference in the song, so she’s a little weak on that part.2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (8) Our main wall for the week including our sight words, verse, practical application, sight word book, popsicle props, and a song.
Coloring her verse2010-09-22 Ii Day 3 (1)
2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (7)  Measuring her verse
Got these mini white boards from Oriental Trading Company (come in a 12-pack, I split them with a friend). I wrote the sight word of the week “can” on the top portion and also on the lines. I did this before, and she had a really hard time. This week seemed to be much easier. She also wrote her name and then circled the whole thing for good measure ;)2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (12)
Reading her sight word book of the week
2010-09-23 Ii Day 4 (2)
Our Strong Man craft, which she decided was daddy because he’s so strong.
2010-09-23 Ii Day 4 (3)
Tracing I. She informed me that she did *not* want to be in the picture, hence the hiding child.2010-09-23 Ii Day 4 (13) 2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (11) 2010-09-22 Ii Day 3 (2) Cutting out her two sets of vocabulary cards. We got baseball card holders so hopefully next week, we’ll get to review our words more than once.
Letter of the Week Highlights
She usually thinks the letter of the week parts of school are the fun parts and chooses to do these first. She’s such a funny one, though, she lets us take turns picking the next box for school. So, she picks a “fun” activity, and I pick a “hard” or “boring” activity.
She’s also very good at stalling, or perhaps she just gets so focused on what she’s doing that she forgets there’s more activities to do. Anyway, she likes to add steps to nearly every activity we do. Like take the puzzle, for example, she wanted to tape it all together. Or the do-a-dot, she had to do in magnets AND marker, couldn’t do just one ;)
Putting together her inchworm puzzle.2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (1)
2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (2)The completed puzzle

Inchworm Magnets (Bought this cookie tray at the dollar store)2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (3)
2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (4)And then she markered it.

Leaf matching2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (8)
2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (3) Lacing her inchworm (still wants my help)

Inchworm color-matching puzzles2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (4)
2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (5)Notice that her kitty is in most of the pictures. Kitty “cries” if she doesn’t get to do school with us and is very “alonely”
Playdough mat I i2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (10)
2010-09-22 Ii Day 3 (3)Number matching
Prewriting practice. She has a hard time with lowercase i, making the dot separate from the line.2010-09-22 Ii Day 3 (5)
2010-09-22 Ii Day 3 (6) She also gets a little sloppy toward the end (the far left page), but overall, she does a pretty good job with these.
Bottle cap INCHWORM. I was working on the bottle caps, but didn’t get them done in time for this day, oops. I now have the complete upper case set. Once the kids drink enough more milk (shouldn’t be too hard), I’ll do the lowercase set as well.2010-09-23 Ii Day 4 (9)
She’s been asking me to do this type of craft for a few weeks. About a year ago, we made a caterpillar like this, and she remembered it when she saw random pompoms in our school boxes. So I figured, inchworm week, why not? It was her idea to do the pattern, and to do it right down the middle of the leaf.2010-09-21 Ii Day 2 (6)
Kumon Workbooks
We have one of the cutting and one of the drawing books from Kumon. We do one page from each book each week. I’m taking the drawing pages and putting them in sheet protectors, mostly so that if she makes a mistake, it’s easy to fix.
Tiger hiding in the grass, roar!2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (10) 2010-09-20 Ii Day 1 (11)
Drawing an orange.2010-09-23 Ii Day 4 (14)”Mommy, the first one is alonely, it needs a smile and eyes” 2010-09-23 Ii Day 4 (15)

There! Now I’m only two weeks behind :P

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