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Preschool Corner / Raising Rock Stars Preschool – Ee is for Elephant

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Kahlen is 3 years, 10 months

Almost caught up!! We did this unit two weeks ago, I’m getting there :)

Ee Plan Sheet

RRSP Highlights

“Even a child is known by his deeds” ~ Proverbs 20:11

Kahlen had no trouble with the verse this week, although in her squirrely moments, she likes to say “needs” instead of “deeds”, which I find hilarious. She enjoyed having a short verse this week.2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (5)

2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (10) She attempted to write “is” and “Nate”, but struggled with the S and then turned the board sideways for a reason unknown to me.

After tracing the “Getting Ready for E” page, she glued beads onto it to make it prettier.2010-10-05 Ee Day 2 (6)

2010-10-05 Ee Day 2 (7) She colored her verse page “just like it tells me to, mommy” meaning she took our popsicle prop and colored the page exactly like that :)

Cutting out her vocab words.2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (7)

2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (6) Our other set of vocab word. Finally got some baseball card holders (Thanks, Mom!), so she helped put them all in.

Letter of the week highlights

This week was E is for Elephant.

She did her lacing card on the way to the park this week, so now I know for sure that she can do it by herself!

2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (1) 2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (2) Her first color by number (that she’s actually been able to do). Turned out great! (This is why she colored the verse page by following their directions. Smart girl)

EVERYTHING has been an AB pattern lately, so I’ve been trying to explain that there are more types of patterns. I think she’s finally getting it. She did a 5-color pattern with this dot painting.2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (8)

 2010-10-05 Ee Day 2 (2) Here she used our colorful jumbo links to put the right number on the elephant counting cards. (Got the links from Oriental Trading, but they don’t seem to have them anymore).

Spelling out ELEPHANT with our bottlecap letters

2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (1) 2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (4)

Matching upper/lower case2010-10-08 Ee Day 4 (5)

2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (14) Prewriting (notice how the squares are a “pattern” purple/red/purple/red)

Kumon Workbooks

We continue to work through our Kumon books: My First Book of Drawing and My First Book of Cutting. Overall, they’re going well. She doesn’t really like to color the drawing in, she claims her arms are tired nearly every time. She still likes just about anything that’s easy to cut, and often asks me if it’s time to do our cutting sheet yet.

This week, she drew a fried egg.2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (11)

She cut an airplane zooming along. The point of this one was to have her pay attention to which way she cut it apart. Of course, it had to be all taped together when she was done and spent the rest of the week on her desk :)

2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (12)


We did a lot of things that weren’t really part of RRSP or Letter of the Week for this unit.

Alphabet butterfly puzzle that Nana got her for Christmas last year. She hasn’t really been able to do it until just now because it matches the upper and lower case letters and the pieces are smaller and sort of finicky to get in the board.2010-10-04 Ee Day 1 (12)

2010-10-08 Ee Day 4 (1) 2010-10-08 Ee Day 4 (2)Letter Find E from Beginning Reading with our dot markers (Tip: if you use these letter finds, I save them to my computer, then print full screen using the default windows picture printer. If you print straight from the website, they end up being about 1/2 a sheet)


Tracing shapes. The other side of this sheet has more shapes on it too. I laminated this one so we could use it over again. 2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (11)

After we were done one day, she wanted to know if there was anything else she could cut. SO, I printed the trace the shapes again and had her cut them out. Since it was her idea, she did a *great* job! (Now if it had been my idea, it wouldn’t have turned out so well.)2010-10-08 Ee Day 4 (8)

I just love the look on her face in this one! It’s a letter matching game that I also laminated. It fits great in a sliding pencil box that I got for less than a quarter on back-t0-school clearance.2010-10-07 Ee Day 3 (16)

Free Play

When we end up down near the school stuff (which is also by my craft stuff) with no plan, I just let her pick an activity to play with.

Like these geoboards2010-10-08 Ee Day 4 (9)

Or play dough or her easel or the colored links I mentioned earlier or any other number of toys that we don’t play with often (on purpose) so they’re new and exciting.

We’ve also been enjoying We Give Books, which has lots of free books to read online. The best part is that they donate a book for every book you read online.


What have you been doing for your preschooler? Come link up at Homeschool Creations! Interested in learning more about my curriculum choices? Check out this post about my plan for the year.



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