Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picture of the day – October 7th

The chaos that was our great idea to take a picture of all the kids at a play date yesterday (This is *not* all the kids, by the way, there were 5 babies and 4 toddlers that didn’t make it into the pictures).

2010-10-06 Cottonwood Glen (8)2010-10-06 Cottonwood Glen (9)2010-10-06 Cottonwood Glen (14)  Yes, we knew  it would be like this, but we thought we’d try! Didn’t come out too bad, actually :)

Look up here! No, really!

Okay, so all the mommies were standing behind the camera making ridiculous faces and noises, but it mostly worked, so who cares, right? (In case you were wondering, there are 6 families represented in this picture)


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