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Preschool Corner / Raising Rock Stars Preschool – Ff is for Fish

preschool corner

Kahlen is 3 years, 9 months

Still working on getting caught up with blogging about school :(

We did our F is for Fish unit a few weeks ago.

Ff Plan Sheet

RRSP Highlights

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ~ John 3:16

2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (3)Here is our main wall with our verse, a song, and some practical ways to explain this verse. Also has pockets for our mini reader and our popsicle props.

 2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (2)

We also started marking 100 days of school using a dot painter. Since we just do 4 days a week, it will take us awhile to get to 100. I marked all the ones we have done so far, now it’s her job, which she does with gusto.

She colored her verse. This time, she was more interested in getting it done than making in any sort of pretty colors, so it’s all colored brown and lime green.2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (4)

After cutting her verse (she even cut out the gray lines in between each line of text instead of just cutting on them),2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (11)


2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (12) she measured her long long verse.


She practiced writing our sight word “for” (mine are in blue, hers are in brown)2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (14)

2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (12) Cutting out her vocab words.


Lining them all up to trace the F on each one.2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (14)

2010-10-01 Ff Day 4 (4) Our cut and paste craft also had a bit of lacing, which she enjoyed, and a lot of coloring which she wasn’t digging so much.

Memorization is a funny thing. She had a much easier time with this long verse than with the previous couple which were so much shorter. If only it were as easy for me to memorize as it is for her, I’d have whole books of the bible memorized!

Letter of the week highlights

2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (5) Lacing, which she always loves, especially when I help hold it for her :)

Magnet fish2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (6)

2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (9) Fish measuring. Mmm, yummy.


The completed sheet minus the ones she already ate.2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (10)

2010-09-28 Ff Day 2 (1) Cut and paste fish. I gave her the lacing fish as a picture of what hers was supposed to look like. I had to take a phone call while she was working on this one. I came back after just a few minutes, and it was done!

I had cut out the pieces for her and given her the glue stick, and tada! Good job, girly :)2010-09-28 Ff Day 2 (2)

Playdough Mat 2010-09-28 Ff Day 2 (4)

2010-09-28 Ff Day 2 (8) Fish builders. First she laid them on top of the original one, then she glued them on a separate piece of paper. 2010-09-28 Ff Day 2 (10)

Candle shapes. Can’t remember who made this fun worksheet, but it worked out great. I already had some candles from a project a few months ago, and she loves any excuse to play with them :)

2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (1) 2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (2)

2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (7) We haven’t used watercolors much, so she thought this was a great idea! I love how careful she was, how she made a rainbow fish, and then started writing her name at the top. I ended up getting her another paper to paint her name on. 

2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (9)

Prewriting practice (Mommy, I do *not* want to be in the picture!!) 2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (10)

2010-10-01 Ff Day 4 (6) Verse puzzle. Laid out all these pieces and gave her our verse coloring sheet. She had to get them all in the right order. It was very challenging for her, but she persevered. I let her tape it all together when she was done since she likes taping things so much.

We also did a great stART project with the book Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale.

Kumon Workbooks

She continues to beg for the cutting worksheets. She *loves* them and would do the whole book if I let her. I try to not let her see me tear the sheet out of the book so she doesn’t know where they come from ;)

2010-09-27 Ff Day 1 (1) She learned to draw cherries this week. The red wasn’t coloring on the page protector, so I told her about Rainer cherries, and that’s what she colored instead. She’s been drawing cherries with chalk on the back porch ever since.

2010-09-29 Ff Day 3 (11)

We’ve continued with piano lessons as well. They’re going a little better, but we still just do about 5 minutes twice a week. I’m glad she’s enjoying it, and I don’t want her to get to the point where it’s not fun, at least not yet ;)

What have you been doing for your preschooler? Come link up at Homeschool Creations! Interested in learning more about my curriculum choices? Check out this post about my plan for the year.


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