Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crafty Wednesday - Two Mod Podge Projects

Last week I did say that I would be doing more projects with Mod Podge. So, here are two more. I did these both in the same night :)

First, I made a container for these new Alphabet Stamps that I got from Oriental Trading Company for only $5!
I had an empty oatmeal container still from playing Grocery Store a couple weeks ago, and it was the perfect size. I then rifled through my scrapbook paper and came up with these cute matching papers that have letters all over. Since I couldn't decide on the color, I decided to tile it and use them all. I simply measured the container, and cut the papers to match. I then taped on the pieces using an Easy Stick.
As I looked at it, I decided it needed something. Off to the cricut I went. I pulled matching plain cardstock from my stash of scraps and made "ABC Stamps" using the George cartridge. Then I taped those on too. I then applied a layer of Mod Podge, waited for it to dry, then added another coat. Now we have somewhere cute to store the stamps, because who wants just a plain ol' oatmeal container when you could have this?
(Do you know how hard it is to take a good picture of a cylinder?!?)

On to my next project! While the first coat was drying on the stamp container, I jumped into making new refrigerator magnets. I saw this idea here and thought it was {cute}. It's also very simple if you have the right tools. 
Okay, here's what you'll need:
* Flat glass marbles (found mine at Dollar Tree in the floral department)
* Hot Glue Gun
* Scraps of paper, pictures, or whatever you want, cut about to 1" x 1"
* Mod Podge (of course) and brush
* Strong magnets (got mine at Joann's for much more $)
* Craft knife and cutting mat
The flat marbles that I found were NOT uniform in shape and size, so rather than cut the paper to a circle and have uncovered edges (which would have really bugged me), I decided to do it this way instead.

First, I put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of the marble and stuck on the squarish piece of paper.
After that was dry, I trimmed off the edges using my craft knife and cutting mat.
Then I hot glued the magnets to the back. I thought that the hot glue might stay better than craft glue, but I bet that any other good craft glue would work fine too.
There you have it, new fridge magnets that are much better than the cheap (read: free) ones with ads all over them I had on there before that only held one piece of paper. Now if I get really ambitious, I might make a set of alphabet ones (or some other theme) for Kahlen to play with, since she keeps taking my stuff off the fridge to play with these :)


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Michelle said...

Adorable! I love the magnets!!!

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