Friday, January 22, 2010

stART - Shopping with Dad

This week, we were learning all about Groceries, so we read several books about shopping and groceries. This one, called "Shopping with Dad" by Matt Harvey, was a little disjointed, but fun none-the-less. And Kahlen and daddy thought it was hilarious; that's what really counts :)

After we read the story, we made a grocery list


and played Grocery Store.

I collected several empty boxes, jars, and jugs for the last few weeks instead of recycling them. Then I moved most of her toys temporarily off her toy box and set up a little store. I printed pictures of the items that I had saved (got most of the pictures from the Home Shop portion of the King Soopers website), then had her glue them on to a piece of paper. We then "went" to the grocery store, and she had to find the things on her list, put them in the "cart" (laundry basket) and mark them off the list. Then I was the "lady" (cashier) and had her pay for her groceries. I bagged them in our reusable grocery bags and off she went. She put them in the kitchen and pretended to put them away. Here's a few more pictures. Also, I've added a bunch of links for the resources I used for this project at the end of the post.

Getting Milk

Crossing it off the list

Here's her "money" that I printed onto colored cardstock

All done, going to put the groceries away now!

Hubbard's Cupboard Groceries unit (Scroll down to see planning sheet and pictures of other activities)
Shopping with Dad by Matt Harvey
King Sooper's HomeShop Used this to get pictures of the items that I had boxes for. Worked for most of my items.



LFenske said...


Michelle said...

I love this!! Emily loves to pretend to go food shopping, I love how you had them make a list with cutout food pictures and cross them off as the picked the things out. This book looks really cute too, we will have to check it out.

Thank you for linking up to stART :0)

Robin said...

Hurray for pretend grocery shopping... remember the children's museum? That place has an amazing pretend grocery store! Also, of course, if you can find it: Ten Items or Less by Stephanie Calmenson

Next time I come out I'm bringing more books for you! Even though I know you're finding awesome books to read, can't hurt to have more!

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