Friday, February 26, 2010

stART - Farm Flu

Each Thursday A Mommy's Adventures does a great blog carnival. You read a story to your child; then accompany it by art. 

We're still doing the Doctor unit from Hubbard's Cupboard. Today we talked about germs, so we read Farm Flu by Teresa Bateman.

This was a really cute story about taking care of people when they're sick, but not letting them abuse you about it. 
For our activity, I made this animal matching game based on the animals that are in the book. I printed two copies on cardstock and cut them apart.Farm Matching Game
We then played memory, sort of. She didn't quite get it; she flipped over one card, then flipped over the others one at a time until she found the other one. Hey, it's a great start!



Ticia said...

Cute, my kids love to play memory. If you go over to Homeschool Creations she has a bunch of printables she made that can be made into memory games.

Rebecca said...

Ah! I remember reading this book to the kids i babysat! Its been while since ive seen it!

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