Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy Monday - Tea Set

So Kahlen just finished her second sticker chart, hooray! For her reward, I took her to Target and we wandered around the toy department until we found the perfect thing.
We read a lot of books around here, and one we've read countless times is A Bargain for Francis which one of her aunts bought her for her second birthday. It's about a tea set, so when we saw this
I thought it was perfect! Of course, she did too and now she can't stop playing with it :)
We got it on Thursday night and let her stay up past her bedtime to play with it and promised she could play with it ALL DAY on Friday.

Friday morning rolls around, it's 7:00 (about 15 minutes before I'm going to get up anyway) and she comes into our room. Now, she's not really supposed to leave her room before I come to get her. She comes to my side of the bed, here's our conversation:
"Mommy, Nate stole my blanket"
"Kahlen, Nate did not steal your blanket"
"Mommy, Nate took my blanket and you need to get it back"
"Honey, Nate is in the living room in his pack'n'play, he couldn't take your blanket" (Not to mention he's not mobile and couldn't anyway!)
"Mommy, Nate has my blanket, can you come help me get it?"
"Kahlen, were you downstairs?"
"I was playing with my tea set." (Duh, mom, should be completely obvious!)
"Did you give Nate your blanket?"
"Yes, but then he took it and I can't get it back"

Right. After silently sharing a good laugh with hubby, down I went to retrieve the blanket.
I guess her tea set was just too tempting.
Later, she figured out that her sensory bin for the month, which has 2 pounds of beans in it, was the perfect compliment to her tea set since I told her that she couldn't put any real food in her tea set.
 I wonder what she'll do when it's time to put something else in her sensory bin...



Anonymous said...

What a cute story! Kids are so funny.

Shanole said...


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