Monday, February 22, 2010

Tot School - Doctor

Tot School
Kahlen is 38 months

We are following the Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum for 2's called Joyful Learning so for last week and this week, we will be talking about Doctors. Last week focused more on body parts and such than it did doctors which will come this week.

Here's our trays for our first day:
 Our first activity was our stART craft using the book Kiss it Better. Go here to see the details. Next, she picked the dark blue tray which was our magnets / dot painting of B is for Band-Aid. 
While she worked on that, I worked on taking {ALL} the band-aids out of their wrappers. 
We were going to do a sorting activity with them, but she got bored quickly after making a few T's with them ("Hey, T is for daddy! I'm going to make him some more T's"), so we moved on.
Surprisingly, she didn't get bored with the next activity, which was tracing her name:
She did really well. She has not been able to write any letters yet on her own, but she's young to do that, so for now it's just practice. I made this worksheet here although I heard from a friend that DLTK also has one.

Last, we sang and played "Five Little Monkeys" on the couch. She would launch herself at me and I dipped her down to "bonk" her head on the floor and then hold her tight as I sang the part about momma calling the doctor. She wanted to do this over and over again! I think after three full times through the song I told her we needed to take a break! :)

On the second day, here's our trays:
Again, we did our stART project first by reading Eyes, Nose, Fingers, Toes. Go here to see the details. It was a long project with a lot of parts, which was great. 
After that, we sang our new verse song for this unit which is Luke 6:31 
Then, she did this tracing page that I found on First-School, which is another fantastic resource in case you've never looked there!
The last project was a collage using cotton balls, pom poms, band-aids and glue mixed with paint. She picked the blue paint which surprised me because she almost always picks purple.
She had a great time painting with the q-tips then just sticking them down to the paper. She also painted several of the cotton balls after gluing them to the paper. Of course, the band-aids were a big hit too. 
It was a nice change to not really have a purpose or finished product in mind for this one. It seemed like just what she needed after the focused first craft we did.

Here's my weekly plan sheet with a few of the other pages I used.

I didn't get any pictures yet, but her other favorite activity this week is combining her sensory bin of beans with her brand new tea set that she earned for completing her sticker chart. She could (and does) play with it for hours! I'm sure I'll get pictures one of these days :)

That's it for tot school from last week!


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Anonymous said...

I've never seen colored cotton balls. I read it in the lesson plan to use them, but I forgot to look for them at the store this week.

5 Little Monkeys and Q-Tip painting were a big hit here too.

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