Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crafty Wednesday - Fabric Wall Hangings

I have a large space above my dining room table that I've kept filled with Christmas and Valentine's Day decorations for the last few months, but I knew it was going to look pretty empty after I took down my cute banner. So, did I really want to spend a bunch of money for some decorative thing or did I want to make something and have it be affordable and just what I was looking for? When I saw this tutorial over at Make It and Love It, I thought it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!
 I used burlap, home decor fabric, and the wrong side of satin. I found them all in the clearance section at Joann's. I think the burlap added enough texture without the fun folding that is shown in the tutorial. The project took me less than two hours from start to finish (not counting the half an hour I spent wandering around the hardware store looking for someone to help me).

The cost for the project was around $25 including the fabric and wood. I'm sure I could have done it cheaper if I had been able to find the clearance section at the hardware store (silly Lowes, not being well organized) or if I had remembered that we already HAD scrap pieces of 1x2s from a different project or if I had a collection of fabric (which I do not since I don't even have a working sewing machine right now). Anyway, I still thought that was extremely reasonable for how great it turned out!
Easy, inexpensive, not time consuming; my kind of project! Thanks Ashley!



Ashley said...

Turned out so cute......I love the fabrics. Thanks for the link. It's so fun to see everyone's interpretation of the project.


wendy said...

Fabric stash available for raiding.

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