Saturday, March 19, 2011

Product Review – Wooden Wine Rack

Hubby’s new “hobby” after we went to Colorado wine country last year is all about wine. Studying wine, buying wine, accessorizing, and of course, drinking wine! I thought it fitting then, when CSN Stores provided me with a product to review that I request a wine rack since our collection was just being stored in the basement in a box (on it’s side of course).

2011-02-10 Wine Rack (4)Unfortunately, this rack was not at all what I was hoping for. It is very cheap in quality and the instructions for putting it together are horrible. Hubby and I are no dummies when it comes to assembling things, but this left us both scratching our heads, taking out nails, and trying to put them back in without splitting the wood. It took us about an hour and a half to get it assembled correctly.

The issues we found with quality were numerous. The wood is stained but not sanded. It’s very thin wood; we were worried about splitting it with the nails provided, especially since we ended up having to take out the nails and put them back in due to the bad directions. The finished unit is not at all sturdy or stable; I worry about it falling over (while holding all my wine, in the basement which is concrete, not good!).

The things I do like about it: It’s very compact and fits great right next to my food storage shelves that I have. The wine feels sturdy within the rack itself, I would just feel better about wedging it between to things so it wouldn’t fall over.

Overall, I would not recommend this product. For the cost, I suppose, it’s not all that bad, but save your money and get a nicer one, it’s worth it!


Thanks to CSN Stores for this product to review. I was not paid except with the product, which is mine to keep. All opinions are my own (obviously).

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wendy said...

Maybe you could zip-tie it to the shelving unit for stability. Or we have some double-sided velcro tape for tying up plants. Let me know if you want some and we'll bring it when we see you.

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