Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crafty Wednesday / Card Design #2

Right, completely forgot last week that I was going to post another card design, oops. Actually, I forgot a lot of things last week…maybe I’m getting old ;)

IMG_6522IMG_6523 Copied the idea for this little cutie from a Cards magazine (I highly recommend these pricy magazines, btw, but look on ebay for them before you pay full price!)


  • Green card blank
  • 5.25” x 4” White cardstock
  • 24 – 1/2” circles (used a punch) in 3-4 colors
  • 1.5” circle I used the same color of dark green as the card blank
  • 1.25” circle birthday paper or white paper with sentiment, inked
  • Small flower stamps or other embellishments. Buttons would work well as would bling.

I glued the white cardstock on first, then laid out all the small circles on the front before taping them down. Notice they’re not in any particular order, I decided I liked that best. After those were all taped down, I used a small foam square to stick down the layered circles. I then embellished a few of the circles with small rubber stamps. You could use whatever type of embellishment you like, I was trying to go for a card I could give to a male if I wanted, so I stayed away from bling. I saved one of each color circle for the inside to add a little coordination.

I think I’ll definitely revisit this design using a different color scheme or maybe even a different theme all together!


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