Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday / Daily Photo – March 16th

        My husband has great ideas sometimes. I should really listen to him more often :) Sunday, we were talking about parenting and preschool and how a certain daughter of ours was doing overall. He wisely recommended that we take the week off for spring break, and even gave me a budget to be able to go do some fun things this week. Monday, we went swimming. We went to the zoo yesterday. And today, we went to the park with a friend. Tomorrow, we’re planning to go to Lee Martinez Farm. We’re having a great week!

Here’s some pictures from the zoo yesterday. 2011-03-15 Zoo (19)2011-03-15 Zoo (12)2011-03-15 Zoo (6)

Nate had a fantastic time, but you can’t really tell in the pictures. He actually looked at the animals and wanted to walk around like a big boy. 2011-03-15 Zoo (3)2011-03-15 Zoo (30)I think he walked more than Kahlen! We rented a “jeep” wagon, which holds two kids and had a stand-up handle instead of the regular wagon-type handle. We also rode the train.2011-03-15 Zoo (21)

At 12:50, Nate was over and done with it all. It was a little challenging to get back to the car; he fell asleep within 3 minutes of being strapped in. Poor buddy! 2011-03-15 Zoo (31)

We usually stop at McDonalds before hitting the highway to get an ice cream for K and a drink for mom. I was glad that I remembered where a secondary McD’s was from the iced tea runs from when I was a kid; the first one we stopped at had no ice cream because they were cleaning the machine or some lame excuse like that. If I hadn’t known there was another one close by, we may have had a meltdown. Instead, we just had a melty cone, which worked just fine.

 2011-03-15 Zoo (32)

More tomorrow!


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