Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daily Photo – March 10th - 13th

This weekend was the Grow With Me Sale for the Fort Collins Parents of Multiples Club. I am a seller, so I’ve just been super busy getting ready/dropping off/working/picking up at the sale. Add to that our first homeschooling fair, and I haven’t had much time to do much. My kids are still cute though, so here’s some pictures from the last few days :)

Nate cleaning up milk that he spilled:

2011-03-09 Nate cleaning up

Kahlen’s new favorite game. She makes bed baskets and puts alllllll her babies in them. In this picture, you can see there were three baskets and two bears. “Because, mommy, there’s the biggest bear by the big one, the medium bear by the medium one, and there’s a small bear inside the small.”

2011-03-09 Kahlen's Beds (1)

Kahlen with her new Kidorable boots and umbrella from Joann’s

2011-03-12 Kahlen's new rain boots (4)










Nate pushing the stroller home today2011-03-13 On A Walk (2) ~S

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