Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tools for the Journey – Resource List

As I mentioned yesterday and Sunday, I had the privilege of co-teaching a seminar on budgeting and creative money saving tips as part of the Tools for the Journey workshop at my church. They recorded most of the seminars, so you can look for those here sometime this week.

These are the resources that we came up with that we personally use to help us save money and get good deals on all kinds of things from groceries to eating out to entertainment and so much more. Crown Money Management is a great place to start. Really helps set your mind and your heart on what God has to say about money. Please ask if you have *any* questions! (And yes, I do get referral credit on several of these sites, so if you’re already thinking about signing up for one of these, I would greatly appreciate you doing so through these links)

More Resources for Using Creativity to Budget and Save Money

Alright, folks, that’s all she wrote! (for now anyway) Now go make a plan (a budget, a meal plan, a grocery list, SOMETHING) and stick to it!


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