Monday, September 13, 2010

Preschool Corner/Raising Rock Stars – Tt is for Turtle

preschool corner

Our second week of school was a little rougher than the first. Labor day really threw us off. We went camping on Monday, so we didn’t do anything school related Monday or Tuesday. We managed to get everything done, but the sight word and memory verse are still a little rough.

Here are a few highlights from our Tt is for Turtle week:

Reading about the angry turtle2010-09-08 Tt Day 1 (2)

Putting the correct number of links on each turtle (The circle on the floor was her idea, not mine)2010-09-08 Tt Day 1 (6)

Cutting out the vocabulary cards (Still need to get some baseball card holders for these)2010-09-09 Tt Day 2 (2)

Cutting out the turtle craft by herself, turned out pretty good! 2010-09-09 Tt Day 2 (5)2010-09-09 Tt Day 2 (7)

Turtle counting practice (Can’t show you the finished product because she’s sitting in a very un-lady-like posture)2010-09-09 Tt Day 2 (11)

Kumon cutting practice. She wanted to make it into a mask like we did in our zoo unit :)2010-09-09 Tt Day 2 (13)

We used the letter disks from Confessions of a Homeschooler to do a quick upper/lower case matching game. I didn’t make these into disks yet, they’re just printed on cardstock, but I plan on it (saving my milk jug lids for now) :) 2010-09-10 Tt Day 3 (1)

A little prewriting practice2010-09-10 Tt Day 3 (5)

T writing practice. I have to remember that she’s a lefty and allow her to write things a little differently than they’re maybe shown on her worksheets. I was having her write the top line from left to right because that’s how I do it, but it seemed so awkward. I told her she could write it the other way, and that was *much* easier for her.2010-09-10 Tt Day 3 (7)

This is what our main wall looks like. It’s to the left of her desk. The verse and other things in that row are her eye level. I got the pocket chart at Target in the dollar section, and the sight word cards from CSN (I’ll be doing a review for these soon!) I want to get a piece of foam board or something, I just haven’t made it to the store yet. I also want to get some actual library pockets or make some cuter ones, but for now a taped piece of cardstock will have to do.2010-09-09 Tt Day 2 (4) I also snapped a picture of our modified workbox system. We don’t really go in order yet, but it’s just me and her right now and the work doesn’t really have to be done in any order. Got the cart at Target for my scrapbooking paper before my hubby built my awesome shelves. I just put one activity plus all the supplies needed for it in each bin and put them in the cart. When we finish an activity, the bins get stacked on the floor for the next day.

2010-09-01 Ll Day 3 (16)

One more organizational picture. This one is the bookcase next to her desk. I have nearly everything on this shelf. Found these great plastic shoeboxes at the Dollar Tree, awesome! (Sorry for the horrible lighting, “school” is in the basement) Bulky supplies on the top, like egg cartons and fake flowers; paint on the top shelf; parenting, school, and library books for school on the second shelf; labeled bins with markers, stickers, play dough toys, glitter, glue and tape, and a few other things on the third shelf; play dough, paper, and alphabet stamps on the fourth shelf; games and puzzles on the bottom shelf.

2010-08-30 Ll Day 1 (4)

This week is Hh is for Hippo. Again glad that we don’t have school planned 5 days a week, I’m selling at a huge “garage” sale this weekend, and I’ll be busy with that all of Friday and part of Saturday. If you’re in the area, please check it out here!


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Katie said...

It looks like you had a great week, the turtle activities look really cute!

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