Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Preschool Corner/Raising RockStars – Ll is for Ladybug

preschool corner

Last week was our first week of our new curriculum. To see an overview of what we’ll be using and the first week’s planning sheet, look at this post.

Everything went really really smooth for it being the first week. We were able to get everything done in four days, incorporate theme-related books, Kumon cutting and drawing books, and start piano lessons.

Some of the activities were too easy and some were challenging. She really impressed me with her cutting abilities. I felt like I had recently tried to get her to cut out something specific and she couldn’t do it, but for school she had no trouble.

The second day she had a really hard time wanting to start school. She said she was having a hard time because she was exhausted because her brother woke her up early. What, are you 12? Silly girl! Anyway, we prayed and then did it anyway, and she did great.

On Friday, when we had no lesson planned, she wanted to know what we were doing for school and then made some things up for herself to do when I told her we weren’t doing school that day :)

I feel like some of the success is because I’m not being extremely rigid on how things get done. This is preschool. This is homeschool. She can do it her way and not mine, and it can still be right. An example: she wanted to use her coloring markers instead of a pencil to trace and draw. She wanted to use a different color for every single line. Did I make her use a pencil? Nope. I sat back and watched as she drew straight lines in pretty colors, and she did a great job too. Now, when she started cutting off the line because she wanted to cut close to the letters, I didn’t let her because that was not the point of that activity. So there has to be a balance, but I think that both of us can be satisfied with the way things went this week.

Here are some highlights (not necessarily in chronological order):

Watching the PowerPoint slide show, which we did every day.2010-08-31 Ll Day 2 (1)

Very proud of her cut out and taped long verse (look, mommy, it’s as high as me!). She actually memorized the entire thing too!2010-08-30 Ll Day 1 (15)

Getting ready for L2010-08-31 Ll Day 2 (2)

Playdough Mats – Ll2010-08-31 Ll Day 2 (8)

Cutting vocabulary cards2010-08-31 Ll Day 2 (11)

Our verse prop, which talks in a sqeaky voice when it says the verse :)2010-09-02 Ll day 4 (2)

Kumon drawing (she added smily faces to her apples)2010-08-30 Ll Day 1 (17)

Kumon cutting2010-09-01 Ll Day 3 (14)

Lacing a Ladybug2010-08-30 Ll Day 1 (10) 

Shapes memory (Laminated these suckers so we can practice tracing them too). This time it was more of a cooperative game, she doesn’t quite get how to play memory yet.2010-09-01 Ll Day 3 (5)

Biggest to Smallest ladybugs, which she did so fast that we decided to tape them together too, just for more time.2010-09-01 Ll Day 3 (8)

ABSeas game from Discovery Toys2010-09-02 Ll day 4 (14)

Our piano lesson (Using Alfred’s Prep series)2010-09-02 Ll day 4 (15)

I am very glad that we have four days, and not five, scheduled. We haven’t done any school this week yet because we went camping last night instead. It was our first and last of the season camping with just us. Cold, but fun. We’ll be catching up the rest of the week :)


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