Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tot School

Tot School
Nate is 13.5 Months

We haven’t really done any formal tot school up to this point, but here’s a few learning activities and just some happy moments with my tot. Kahlen and I do preschool during his morning nap, so I haven’t figured out when/if I want to do anything specifically with him yet. I’m thinking I might just set out some tot trays for them both to play with on a weekly basis on the toy shelf in the living room and see how that goes. Good exercise in learning to share and work together, right?

Anyway, here’s some fun moments (from the last month or so):

Got this new peg toy from Oriental Trading Company, so worth it! They both love playing with it, which is great.2010-07-17 Nate and Pegboard (2)Comes with a huge amount of pegs and six boards. Nate likes the noise they make when he beats them together. He also likes how nicely they fit in his mouth ;)  Recently, he’s figured out that they make the same cool noise if you put one in a bowl and shake it. Too bad it falls out quickly when you do that.2010-09-02 Nate and bowl (2)

Taking things out2010-07-19 Nate's Messy Kitchen (1)All the kid dishes are in one cabinet that's low so that Kahlen can put their dishes away. Nate likes to "help". He also discovered the drawers open, neat!

Playing at the park2010-08-20 Blevins Park (31)”Oh wait, sand isn't an evil substance designed to make me stay in one place? And I can pick it up and put it in something? Cool!”

Signing “More”2010-08-26 Silly Kids Eating (3)Either that, or he's clapping for himself, sometimes it's hard to tell ;)

Playing with Kahlen’s dolls2010-09-01 Nate & Mandy (2)His sister's not sure how she feels about sharing her dolls, but he likes them. He likes to chew on their heads give them kisses.

Swimming2010-09-04 Swimming (10)Nate *loves* swimming, particularly splashing. This was the last time we got to use the pool at our complex before it closed for the year.

What are you doing with your tot? Come check out more great ideas at 1+1+1=1!


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