Saturday, December 19, 2009

My new built-in shelves AKA My husband rocks!

A couple months ago, Tim told me he was going to build me a huge built-in shelf for all my craft stuff. I got excited, but as time went by, I let it slip from my mind. I didn't want to nag him about it or be disappointed if they didn't get built.

I had resigned myself to my stuff always being all over and looking more like this:
(This is just part of my junk, mind you)

Well, they're built and they're awesome! The unit takes up the entire west wall of the main room in the basement.

They hold all my stuff plus two bookcases worth of books plus all the office supplies and games.

Bookcase is on the far right. Each shelf is reinforced for extra strength. Next is adjustable shelves that hold games and office supplies.

Far left is all my crafting bins for scrapbooking, jewelry making, crosstitch and more. Middle is storage for my Cricut and 16 paper shelves for my scrapbooking paper and project boxes.

I also want to say thanks to Greg for helping, he's the one with all the tools

Hey, I even got my husband to use power tools :)

Thanks, hubby, you rock! Now to find the time to use all my well organized stuff...


wendy said...

What a guy! He rocks!
And he makes good shelves! :-)

robinegg said...

go tim! they look great!

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