Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review – No More Christian Nice Girl


Do you feel like you’re a nice girl but you have nothing to show for it? Do you feel like you just get trampled in relationships of all kinds? Do you feel like you try so hard to be nice to everyone only to have unfulfilling relationships with most everyone? You don’t have to!!

The premise of this book is stated in the subtitle: When just being nice – instead of good – hurts you, your family and your friends.

We are taught, or at least think we are, that being nice is what is expected of us as Christians. Yet, is that really what Jesus taught? Is that really what God wants from us? The authors make the point that we need to be more like the 360-degree Jesus, who was salty and sweet, not just sweet all the time. The book covers several outside influences that have lead to this problem of CNG (Christian Nice Girls) and provides examples from the bible of God’s Good Women that were not nice, but were definitely good.

The authors do an excellent job of keeping what could be a heavy topic light and yet makes you pause and think about your life and how you behave in all types of situations. The book was easy to read and yet provided enough practical information that I’m still working through a lot of it in my own mind. It’s a book that I could read every year or so and get something more out of it (or maybe just a few pointed reminders).

Not only did it provide practical information, but it also provided scripture to back up it’s points. The authors encourage you to read the bible for yourself and also seek out others who will help you on your road out of “Nice Girl City”, which really helped their credibility.

No matter your stage of life or whether you think you fall into this trap of being nice instead of good (I didn’t think I did, but boy was I wrong!), this is an excellent read. Great to read by yourself, but it would also make an excellent study for a small group of women who are interested in growing their relationships with Jesus and with each other.



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