Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Preschool/Raising Rock Stars – Hh is for Hippo

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Okay, okay, I’m pretty behind in posting what we’ve been doing, darn it. On a good note, Picture This! Calendar Kits are ready to purchase! But, that’s been taking up most of my time when I would normally be blogging. I still want to post about the things we’ve completed, so I’ll just be running behind for awhile.

This was our third week of school, and it went really well. We both love the curriculum, and I continue to be amazed at Kahlen’s abilities to pick up new things if I will just take the time to show her what she’s supposed to do.

Our plan sheet for the week, in case you care ;)

Hh Plan Sheet


Here are the highlights (meaning NOT everything that we did) :)

2010-09-13 Hh Day 1 (2)This is the wall next to her desk where we keep the verse of the week, our props, our easy reader book, and our sight words pocket chart.

2010-09-13 Hh Day 1 (1)C0loring her verse2010-09-13 Hh Day 1 (4) Lacing her hippo. She’s somehow become convinced that she can’t start it without me holding it, so I hold it for her until her lace is much shorter.

2010-09-13 Hh Day 1 (5) Measuring her verse. It was a pretty short one this week.


Using counting bears on the floor hippos. She had to stand them all up just right along the backs of the hippos.2010-09-13 Hh Day 1 (7)

2010-09-13 Hh Day 1 (12) #3 from our Kumon Drawing Book


2010-09-14 Hh Day 2 (1) Hippo building. She’s very very good at AB patterns right now, so we’re going to start working on more complicated pattering soon.


2010-09-14 Hh Day 2 (4) Gluing together our hippo craft


2010-09-14 Hh Day 2 (6) My poor left handed girl. See the completely backwards lowercase h? She had no idea it was backward until I showed her our popsicle prop with it going the right way.

2010-09-14 Hh Day 2 (7) Getting ready for H. Notice that she has a whole bunch of markers out? She’s “making a pattern” :)

2010-09-14 Hh Day 2 (8) Playdough mat Hh. Got her to do this one by herself this time. Usually she tells me she can’t get the playdough to pay attention to her and has me roll her a snake.

2010-09-14 Hh Day 2 (10) Cutting out her vocab cards. She has gotten much much better at cutting already. I let her use my scissors for these because the kid ones were giving her trouble.

2010-09-15 Hh Day 3 (3) Hippo number tracing practice. I decided to laminate these so we could do them again later. (Ignore the two coffee cups in the background, they’re definitely *not* both mine)

2010-09-15 Hh Day 3 (9) Kumon Cutting Practice

We did school at my mom’s house on the last day because I had some work I needed to get done with my mom. She did pretty well not having all her regular things, but definitely was more distracted there, which I don’t blame her. I don’t have as many pictures, therefore, since I didn’t bring my camera. However, here are a few from the finished products that we brought home with us.

2010-09-18 Hh Day 4 (2) Blue collage. She’s getting slightly better at writing her name, but it still needs some work.

2010-09-18 Hh Day 4 (3) She decided that her hippo cutting practice looked like a crown, so we made it into one.

We also had an H themed Muffin Tin lunch that I completely forgot to post about for Muffin Tin Monday, so you get the picture here instead :)

2010-09-15 MTM HTortillas and Mozzarella cheese cut into H
Simply GoGurt in Berry flavor (sort of blue, right?), Dried Blueberries, ranch for the nuggets, and chicken nuggets (going with the what we have in the fridge plan)

And thus went our H is for Hippo week.


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