Monday, June 7, 2010

Fitness Friday - Fire Hydrant 5k

There's only 75 days to go until the Warrior Dash!

Since it's been two weeks since I last posted an update, I'm not going to enumerate my activity, mostly because I just can't remember.
The highlight, though, is that I ran in a 5k this last Saturday and finished in 45 minutes! I feel like I ran about half of it, which I'm very happy with.
Here's me finishing. You can see the time clock says 44:57!

The race was a fundraiser for the Larimer County Humane Society, so lots of people ran with their dogs. To be funny, we put on our cat faces :) This is me and my mom just before the race started.

Now, we need to start training at altitude (at least Estes Park) PLUS upping my mileage down here since I still can only run about 1.5 miles. After that, it will be obstacle-specific training, probably starting in about a month.

Also, for any of you local people who might be interested, Warrior Dash has opened another full day of waves in the Rockies on Sunday, August 22nd. So if you didn't get registered and you wanted to, now's the time to do it!!! Hope to see you there!


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