Thursday, April 22, 2010

Crafty Wednesday - Photo Editing

Right, I know it's almost Friday...oops.

Anyway, I haven't been working on much new crafty type things the last few weeks because I'm trying to finish up some projects similar to ones I've already posted. Like wall decor for Nate's name just like Kahlen's and a shirt for Kahlen that's very similar to Nate's Tie Shirt.

I've also been busy taking a ridiculous amount of pictures first with my stepdad's camera that he let me borrow and now my new Canon 20D that I bought (hooray!!). While blog surfing today, I came across this tutorial from Kristen Duke about photoshop and workflow. Okay, wow! First off, she spoke English, not technobabble that I couldn't understand. Partly, I'm sure, is that I was now ready to edit some of my new pictures, and partly it's just a great tutorial with a TON of screen shots showing exactly what she's talking about. I have PhotoShop Elements 4.0, and this worked exactly as she said it would!

To show you, here's the before and after of a picture I took today of Nate's first wagon ride:
Picture before. Not a bad picture. Yes, he has a thing about talking with his eyebrows :)

Picture after I followed her tutorial. The color just looks much better, doncha think?
So don't be afraid to give it a try! I'm off to edit more pictures :)


Took Kristen's suggestion (See comments) and fixed up his face a little using the dodge tool:
Thanks Kristen!!

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wendy said...

He is such a CUTIE! I just want to eat him up. :-)

Kristen Duke Photography said...

Hey there! I'm so glad you understood my screen shots. For those familiar with photoshop, it probably made sense, others may have just passed it by. I love the color pop here, and so glad you were able to have it work. My only thought is it made the shadow on his face a little darker. I would take the dodge (lighten) tool and make the brush as big as his head on a 20% opacity and touch his face once or twice and see if that helps. Thanks for the kind words!

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