Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tot School - Easter Week 3

Tot School
Kahlen is 39.5 months old

We are following the Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum for 2's called Joyful Learning. For four weeks, we have been learning about eggs and Easter. Check out this post that includes the planning sheets for the last two weeks.

We really focused in on Easter last week with some great activities and crafts that I found all over the blogosphere. Please see my planning post for links to the activities.

Here's our trays for the first day:
We didn't actually get to all the activities on these trays because some of them took much longer.
We started with our bible story and resurrection eggs.
Then we did the first few steps of the Playdough Mountain from Desiring God:
 First, I made the people and the cross. I think probably next year, she'll be able to do this step.

 Mixing the ingredients.

Poking the holes for the cross and the people.

It then has to bake for a really really really long time (like 6+ hours), so we moved on to the next activity :)

We made a masking tape cross:
She was supposed to paint the entire paper, but just didn't want to.
This is after we pulled the tape off. 
That was all we had time for that day since the mountain took a long time, and the bible story portion was long as well.

The next day, after the mountain was cooked and cooled, she painted it:
Before the paint

Painting the mountain.

The completed masterpiece.

I managed to not take any pictures of it after we put the cross and people on it :( We took out the can that we used to help form the tomb and placed all the people in the holes we had poked in it. On Good Friday, we took one of the people, pretended it was Jesus and placed him in the tomb. On Sunday morning, it was gone! She definitely understood it better this year than last, but I think we'll keep doing it every year anyway :)

Our second day of school:
We started again with our bible story and the last two resurrection eggs.
She then picked the one with food on it, of course!

She made resurrection rolls:
Rolling the marshmallows in butter and sugar/cinnamon.

Before we rolled them up.

In the "tomb".

While they were cooking, she made a picture frame with Easter stickers I got from Oriental Trading
She also did her C handwriting page from First School.

Then, the rolls were done!
Mmm, yummy!

We also started an oatmeal sensory bin this week, we'll keep it probably for a couple weeks before hopefully doing something less messy :)
Here's everything we put in the bin. The bin itself is a wrapping paper box.
I put the bin on a big blanket on the floor so I can just shake it off outside when she's done. 
We have a "blanket time" every day where she must stay on her blanket. She's been trained to do this since she was very little, so it's nothing new. Just recently, though, I've started letting her play with her sensory bin on blanket time. This is time that I typically use to do my bible study or get something else done that would be difficult to do with her. We usually do it for about 45 minutes (I set a timer so she knows when she's done). She enjoys the time she gets to spend with her bin, most days she plays a little longer after the timer goes off. 

I've really enjoyed our Easter activities, but after next week, I'll be ready to move on to something besides plastic eggs and cross crafts ;)


Shelly said...

WOW what an awesome Easter Project! Looks like she really enjoyed it! your sensory tub was great too! I gotta do that!

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

Love the projects! What fun.

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